About R1 Coin:

  • Proof of stake and proof of transfer to ensure that the supply is an increasing coin.
  • R1 will be limited annual supply within unlimited supply. An inflation token that can be earned R1 with proof of deposit and proof of transfer.
  • It is our principle to provide R1 formation with staking and transfer method at certain annual rates.
  • With these methods, the supply will increase at certain rates every year and an inflationary token will occur.

About R1 exchange :

  • We hope to increase the functionality of the exchange by providing all the necessary advertising networks.
  • We will select the projects suitable for our system among the promising Stut-up projects and list them with R1ex.
  • Individuals and Institutions provide their tokens by forwarding their projects to us and we guarantee that we will list them with R1ex and / R1.
  • Stutup projects on the R1 exchange will collect demand at certain rates and will be processed with variable durations proportional to the R1 coin weight on the exchange.
  • We ensure that Tokens to be listed are free from speculation and manipulation.

About R1economy :

  • All institutions and individuals in the world will be able to create their own profiles and easily find what they are looking for about all economic units in the world.
  • Each profile will be defined as Economist and Strtejist after reaching 1000 followers in the first place.
  • Economists and Strategists will be able to sell their software, indicators and economic articles as NFT if they wish.
  • If they wish, they will be able to share their members individually for R1 coins.
  • Economists and strategists will not be allowed to manipulate people.
  • Investors will be able to receive retraining according to the expertise of economist and strategist accounts, if they wish.
  • In short, everything about all economy wheels will be found on this platform.
  • A general news network will be created about all economic activities in the world.
  • Our aim with this platform is to enable each individual to be their own economist and strategist and to ensure that investment analysis is done correctly.*

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