Recast1 Is Now Holding 10,000,000 R1 Airdrop In Partnership With Bittrex Global.

3 min readMar 22, 2022

Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, the world of cryptocurrency has seen one explosive growth. While
the price volatility of cryptocurrencies makes it hard to forecast their price movements, the great returns it
has ensured in the last few years have forced investors to sit up and take notice of the growing
R1 has embraced the same transparency feature of bitcoin minus the commissions and lots of rewards for
their holders based on their actions. In fact, it has kickstarted a new era of money as Recast1 is based on an
algorithm that applies hourly incentives to consolidate transfers and users. Popular as a non-indexed user-
oriented coin, Recast1 aims to maintain price stability using the fluctuations of the number of users, user
transfers, staked users, and staked amounts.
R1 uses a transferring average which is an algorithm with average transfer volume. This means that the
increase in the number of transfers can be directly correlated to the number of users, enabling them to
track the exact number of users in their ecosystem and maintain an adequate supply of their coins. The
balancing period of demand and supply is directly proportional to the balancing rate of the price, and
different incentives are also dished out using an hourly cycle. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, R1 focuses on
users instead of price movements which makes it safer than other coins that are considered extremely
They are now carrying out a 10.000.000 R1 airdrop in partnership with Bittrex Global, which can be earned
between March 1st and 10th April 2022. First, the users would need to follow their Twitter account and join
their telegram group. They are then required to use the referral link with the code “KVP-ASY-MJT.” Upon
successfully completing their KYC, the users will be eligible to n 500 R1. Since they charge no fee from
users on money transfer, they are increasingly staking and mining the R1 coin, boosting its value.
As evident, Recast1 uses the consensus monetary algorithm, designed to maintain a continuous demand
among users who require transactions, thus ensuring a rise in liquidity. This algorithm makes R1 the perfect
currency to use for everyday transfers as it is back with an hourly variable award. With the increased use of
this currency, the coin supply will also see a boost as people will need more time with the increased usage
of these coins in everyday transfers. This price increase also enables the developer to earn some incentive
whose burden never falls upon the user.
Of course, many popular networks such as ETH, BNB, and LUNA use burn at certain times to maintain
demand and supply. Despite this, the supply inflation is still occurring each year which is taking some shine
out of these networks. R1 aims to fight against this disadvantage with its unique algorithm, which sets it
apart from other cryptocurrencies. Now, users are getting paid instantly without incurring any accounting
fees, taking out the most significant disadvantage that probably halts the booming world of

Recast1 is already a popular cryptocurrency that has observed a continuous rise in its demand, and this
new partnership with Bittrex will only boost that demand.




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