Recast1 Is Now Listed On One Of The Top 20 Exchanges In The World, Bitmart’

Recast1 is the world’s first user-oriented coin that is now listed on Bitmart.

After getting listed on Bittrex last February, Recast1 has now added another feather to its cap as it is now listed on one of the best-known crypto exchanges in the world, i.e Bitmart.

Bitmart currently serves more than 9 million users and provides fast, secure, and professional crypto trading services, thanks to the backing of Alexander Capital Ventures and Fenbushi Capital.

When contacted, Imran Tariq, CEO of Recast1, said, “A taxation approach involves receiving a fee from a user for transmitting. This strategy encourages people to stake and mine, but it’s useless unless you encourage them to transfer. In contrast to other programs, we offer a little incentive to consumers who transfer R1. We allow users to profit by transferring a portion of the rewards they will receive from mining or staking.”

As evident, Recast1 fast gained attention after securing a $15M investment from Luxembourg’s GEM Global Yield LLC SCS, which helped them develop and promote their unique version of a ‘user oriented‘ crypto coin. Since then, Recast1 has partnered with StackOS, a cross-chain open protocol that allows individuals and organizations to pool their computing resources and provide a decentralized cloud collectively.

Recast1/R1 coin employs a proprietary Transfer Algorithm that rewards users hourly for consolidating transfers. Because of its unique mechanism, R1-Coin can maintain a constant value, capped by inflation which adds to its reliability. R1-Coin is structured so that only transfers and stake users can create it. Its production process is completely protected from outside interference, which allows users to have complete control over it.

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