Is Crypto Money a Revolution in Money?

What is money? How to solve this problem with a cryptocurrency? These questions are among the main problems of the cryptocurrency system. These questions were considered in the preparation of this coin. Although today’s nominal coins (usd, eur, jpy) continue to be printed unlimitedly, they have nominal value. It has a reserve value. Although it is a loss in the long term, it is suitable for use as a risk avoidance in the short term. Therefore, it must be liquid. And it needs to be produced continuously according to the need. But the fact that these production standards are through a single center is against the thoughts of the crypto market. The concept of crypto cares about decentralization. Production by each user can be an alternative solution to reach the target of widespread use.

Today, the production methods of fiat money are more than one. Fed buys treasury and corporate bonds. But it does not buy individual debts. The money generated in this case is not fair for every user. Usd is a fiat currency today. But today it is not produced in exchange for gold. In the 1900s, the usd was a gold equivalent. But it was not fiat money. In this case the value is protected money? what? How is it? Is the concept of value just gold? Or is it a fixed value accepted by everyone in the short run? In this case, gold cannot be a sufficiently liquid product. In the world today, the tangible store of value is gold and the fiat currency is usd. The gold of the virtual world can be called bitcoin. But no matter how much the demand for their money increases in the virtual world, they do not have their own fiat money. Is it usdt? A more complex and more centralized currency than the Fed. In this case, why wasn’t a real crypto fiat currency produced? In the light of these ideas, studies should be carried out to produce cryptocurrencies that will replace usdt. If a coin is produced with these ideas, then a cryptocurrency ecosystem can be formed that is completely independent of usd and fiat world currencies.



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