What is money? How to solve this problem with a cryptocurrency? These questions are among the main problems of the cryptocurrency system. These questions were considered in the preparation of this coin. Although today’s nominal coins (usd, eur, jpy) continue to be printed unlimitedly, they have nominal value. It has…

Recast1 Coin

Recast1 Coin #Launchpad ICO Starts tomorrow

Tuesday 15st,2021 During the Round 1 of funding you will be able to purchase R1 Token in a price of 0.0006 USD

Join one of the biggest Launchpad ICOs of 2021

About R1 Coin:

  • Proof of stake and proof of transfer to ensure that the supply is an increasing coin.
  • R1 will be limited annual supply within unlimited supply. An inflation token that can be earned R1 with proof of deposit and proof of transfer.
  • It is our principle to provide R1 formation with…


Making money from Token Transfer , the simple way to win !

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